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I am over the moon about this afternoon's tennis, what a match and the perfect outcome too. Andy Murry, winner of the men's championship at Wimbledon. The first Briton to win in SEVENTY SEVEN YEARS. It was a nail biting match as well, I was on the edge of my seat and biting my nails and yelling at the television. I swear I almost lost my voice when he won - there were tears and everything, so emotional. My dad and Jimmy thought it was hilarious! *pouts*

It was a really good match too. Every point was hard-earned. I love watching both Djokovic and Murray play and that was brilliant. But then Murray nearly always (always always?) beats Djokovic on grass.

And I hear he's donated every penny of the £1.6m to cancer research at the place that's been treating his friend. There was a charity match a few weeks ago at Queens for raising money for the research too. It's so touching that he does that for his friend. Brilliant sportsman and a caring person. Sports Personality 2013? I think so! I even saw on twitter calls for him to be knighted in the New Years Honours. And I wonder how many babies will be born over the rest of this year called Andrew!
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