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I'm not quite sure why I'm still reading the Anita Blake series. They're laughably bad and have kind of just degenerated into porn. But I'm still enjoying them but not for the same reasons I was 10 books ago!

Perhaps its just because I'm stubborn and when I start reading a series, I will follow it through to the end. But sometimes, like now, I'm almost regretting yet... but still care enough about Anita's storyline to want to know what's going to happen - and to hope it'll get better?

It started off really really well. Anita is a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police. The series takes place in a parallel universe where supernatural creatures and powers are real and their presence is considered to be public knowledge. The supernatural beings are considered to be citizens with most of the rights of regular humans, which is sometimes the focus of some of the strife in the series. The novels follow Anita's ongoing conflicts with the supernatural as she attempts to solve a variety of supernatural mysteries, come to terms with her own abilities, and navigate an increasingly complex series of romantic and political relationships. As the series progresses Anita's perspective on the supernatural changes, as the character initially sees the supernatural predominantly as "monsters" to be fought and later grows to see them as communities to be protected and as potential love interests.

It's not even so much 'love interest' as sexual partners and she just seems to be have sex with everyone and everything and orgies and really weird stuff. I just miss the urban fantasy thriller crime stories and if I wanted to read books with sex as the focus, I'd be reading some of [personal profile] vanillamagick's porn!

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Date: 2013-08-12 06:30 pm (UTC)
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My thoughts exactly on the Anita Blake series. I don’t even buy them anymore, like I used to. I usually loan them from the library or a friend who also reads the series (she gets hers from the library too). I do want to see it come to some kind of end. I think that series reached its peak about 10 books ago and now she’s just fluffing it up for sales. Just give her some kind of ending and write something new already! She’s a great writer too, which makes me so mad she’s taken this route with the Anita series.

Do you read the Gentry series? I am on book 3 of that one but I don’t know how the more recent ones are … she may have corrupted them too! Lol – of course, people just finding her now probably love her because it is a porn-fest and that might work for them, but I miss the actual PLOTS she used to have … and Anita actually used to WORK for a living … now she just screws everyone. Which is fine and dandy if that series had started out that way (and I was into that, to each their own), but she did a whole 360 man …

And what’s wrong with love? Something Anita wanted once … and she “loves” everyone and it doesn’t ever feel like love… more like lust. Even those she keeps closest to her. RaWr!

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